Top quality eggs for you every day!

For over half a century,

we strive to bring you top quality eggs on a daily basis.
By selecting, breeding and feeding the chicks to collecting the eggs, quality control checks, packaging and delivering the 40 different products that we offer consumers today, we strive to meet all their needs.

New technology

All this is achieved at our state-of-the-art breeding units, in the areas of Schimatari (Viotian prefecture) and Chiliomodi (Corinthian prefecture).

Egg testing centre

This is a necessary step in the quality control process which guarantees the high quality and suitability of our eggs.
Each egg is tested with special state-of-the-art machines, which are fully automated at our state-of-the-art egg testing centres in Chiliomodi (Corinthian prefecture) and in Schimatari (Viotian prefecture).