The company

Faithfully following tradition,

And with a heightened sense of responsibility, we continue to reward our consumers for the trust they have placed in us, raising our standards of quality even higher.
This is why we take all the necessary steps in order to continue to offer you the best Greek eggs, which are incomparably pure, clean and tasty, while retaining their valuable properties.
This is exactly what the Greek consumers deserve for themselves and their children, as our eggs are part of their daily diet!

GOLDEN EGGS S.A. was founded in 1996

hrough the collaboration of two of the biggest fresh egg producing companies, with over half a century’s experience in the industry.
Today it is one of the leading companies in its field, with a sense of respect and duty towards consumers.
Our company has its own production units in Chiliomodi (Korinthian prefecture) and in Schimatari (Viotian prefecture) on over 400 acres, and manufactures and delivers more than 300 million eggs per year. Since 2012, all our battery cages have been replaced with new ones according to EU regulations, and all types of eggs are produced through all kinds of production methods. Some examples are Daily Fresh Eggs, Organic, Free-range, Barn Eggs, Eggs with Omega 3 and Eggs with less cholesterol, eggs enriched with vitamins and nutrients.

With all the Greek and international certifications

(HACCP-ISO 22000,IFS, AGROCERT, ΔΗΩ) approvals and controls, and also with state-of-the-art laboratories, egg testing centres, automation in the collection, standardisation and packaging, the high quality of our eggs is responsibly guaranteed.
Most importantly, we place the utmost importance on respect towards the Greek consumers who choose and trust our products.
Our company is able to meet all the needs and demands of modern nutrition, as it offers 40 types of product to the market, and also supplies major hotel chains, catering companies, bakeries, foodstuff factories etc with products made in the innovative factory of egg products SOVIMO HELLAS S.A. Such products include egg white, egg yolk or whole eggs in liquid or powder form, ready-boiled and peeled eggs, dyed Easter eggs (due to ownership of the unique machine exclusive to the Greek market), pre-cooked omelettes, omelette mixtures and scrambled eggs.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment
our privately owned bird feed production units, our highly trained technical staff and our privately owned fleet of refrigerated lorries, all ensure the quality and freshness of our eggs, which we would like to continue to offer our customers, who place their trust in us by choosing our products.

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